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Media Credentialing Policy


Thank you for registering for media credentials for MobilityTalks International® or Washington Auto Show events.

The Washington Auto Show reserves the right to ask that you please provide the following information in advance of the show, should we need it to verify your eligibility to receive a media pass and use it during the show:

  • Name of the publication or media outlet you will be reporting for during the show or conference and its physical address.
  • If a freelancer, please provide your address.
  • Your title at the media outlet.  If you are not full time staff writer, but are instead a freelance contributor, please indicate that as well.
  • The URL for the media outlet’s web presence, should one exist.
  • Name of your immediate editor at the outlet you serve along with her or his contact information, should they exist. We may contact this person for confirmation. If you are a freelance contributor, please also indicate what your assignment is for The Washington Auto Show and/or MobilityTalks International®.
  • If a freelancer, please provide the names of other media outlets to which you contribute
  • Your telephone number.
  • Your social media presence:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever other account you use for professional work.

In the interest of security and to maintain adequate space and accommodations for credentialed media, the Washington Auto Show (WAS) has created the following policy outlining the rights and responsibility of approved credential holders.

The Washington Auto Show approves credential requests based on specific qualification criteria, at the ultimate discretion of WAS staff.

The Washington Auto Show reserves the right to remove the following person(s) from the show if:

  • Credentials that have been requested for people under a given company name are not authorized representatives or employees of said company.
  • Credential holders escort people onto the show floor without previous express authorization from WAS management and staff.

A history of being registered previously at the Washington Auto Show does not guarantee approval or waive the credential application and approval requirements. The WAS reserves the right to revoke issued media credentials/registration at any time. Media credentials will not be granted to anyone whose principal purpose for attending WAS is, in our judgment, for reasons other than serving in a necessary professional role as credentialed media.

There are multiple events hosted by The Washington Auto Show throughout the event. Holding a credential for access to one particular event does not necessarily grant the holder access to any other event, unless they have been approved for access to that event as well.


All media credentials issued in the name of members of a given organization are solely for the person listed on the credential, and are non-transferrable without the express permission of Washington Auto Show staff. Credentials are revocable at any time and for any reason by the Washington Auto Show.  As a condition of the receipt of these credentials, holders agree that in the event the media credentials issued to them are revoked by WAS staff while they are within the Show Premises, they will relinquish them and exit the premises immediately.

Further, it is a condition of a credential being issued that each person to whom they are issued acknowledges that in the event their credentials are revoked, they will not attempt to enter the show premises other than as a paid patron, in which event they will not participate in the recording of any material while within the show premises for commercial use, or the broadcasting of any material recorded while they were in the show premises.

Your signature below acknowledges your understanding and acceptance of the Washington Auto Show Media Credentialing Policy. As the main contact for your media organization, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to make sure the policy is communicated to any person(s) you register for media credentials and that as the designated representative of your organization you have the authority to accept these conditions on behalf of each person receiving credentials on behalf of your organization.