Media Packet

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Mike Bushnell, Communications Manager

Office: 202-237-7200, Mobile: 301-221-4135

Media Credentialing Policy

The Washington Auto Show reserves the right to revoke media credentials at any time. To that end, we ask that you please be prepared to provide the following information in order to receive and retain a media credential:

  • Name of the publication or media outlet you will be reporting for during the show or conference and its physical address.
  • If a freelancer, please provide your address and the names of other media outlets to which you contribute.
  • Your title at the media outlet. If you are not full time staff, but rather are a freelance contributor, please indicate that as well.
  • The URL for the media outlet’s web presence.
  • Name of your immediate editor at the outlet you serve along with her or his contact information. We may contact this person for confirmation.  If you are a freelance contributor, please also indicate what your assignment is for the Washington Auto Show and/or MobilityTalks International®.
  • The best telephone number to reach you during the show.
  • Your social media presence:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other pertinent channels that you frequently maintain.